Eldtungur Hot Sauce Variety Pack of 4 (mini bottles)

4.600 kr.

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Absobloodylutely. . . you asked and we answered!

Here is a brand new product from Ölverk where we bring you all of the heat in this mini variety pack. 

Our Mini ´Eldtungur´ variety packs contains four different Ölverk 50ml hot sauces bottles and in this edition we have:

Attention: Every mini variety pack contains four different Ölverk ´Eldtungur´  50ml hot sauce bottles but in this edition we have the following types:

Tað - Sheep-Dung Smoked Jalapeño Hot Sauce.

Gosi - Mango Habanero Hot Sauce.

Gilli - Chipotle Chili Hot Hot Sauce.

Sölvi - Jalapeño Seaweed Hot Sauce.


FYI - All of our hot sauces are made right here at Ölverk which is located in the south region of Iceland in a town called Hveragerði.

FYI2 - The name ´Eldtungur´ means in english ´flaming tongues´.

FYI3 - These mini ´Eldtungu´ hot sauce bottles, of course, fit perfectly in your pocket!

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