How can we book a table?

Ölverk is a reservation free restaurant unless for larger groups ( 8+ people ).

For any questions or inquiries please email us at

Where does the name Ölverk come from?

The word "Ölverk" is first written in Kormáks-Saga which is one of the Icelandic Sagas and it tells of the tenth-century Icelandic poet, Kormákur Ögmundarsson, and Steingerður, the love of his life.

"Öl" also means "beer" in the Icelandic language and "Verk" is the beginning of the word "Verksmiðja" which means "a factory" in Icelandic. 


So Ölverk is an ideal name for our little gem.

Where is Hveragerði?

Hveragerði is located 45km to the east from Reykjavík.  

Where can we find Reykjadalur  - The Hot Spring Valley?

Reykjadalur - Hot Spring Valley - is located right by Hveragerði, an approximately 45 minute drive from Reykjavik. The hike is about 3 km uphill and take about 45-60minutes depending on your fitness level and numbers of photo stops. Reykjadalur is one of the most photo-perfect place in the south region of Iceland and should not be missed. Just make sure to treat the area with extreme kindness and respect as the nature is very delicate.

Where can we park our vehicle when visiting Ölverk?

In front of Ölverk we have one of the largest parking lot of Hveragerði and it is free.

Is Ölverk gluten free?

No, but we do have mouthwatering salads.

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