Ölverk Pizza & Brewery opened the 28th of May in 2017 in the town of Hveragerði which is only a short half hour drive from the Reykjavík Capital area. Ölverk began its own beer production in October 2017 and produces craft beer on site in small batches and currently operates a two barrel (300l.) system.

The motivation behind Ölverk lies in our passion for premium wood fired pizza and fine craft beer. Our reputation for excellent high-quality craft beer has spread widely in the short time since opening. The unique use of geothermal energy in the brewing process has piqued the curiosity of our adventures guests.

Ölverk is family owned, run by Laufey and her fiancé Elvar. They are a young local couple, with two sons, who together with Ragnar make a well balanced team with great future ambitions for Ölverk.

Laufey Sif Lárusdóttir
Owner, General Manager and Brand Ambassador.


Elvar Þrastarson
Owner, Head Brewer and Recipe Designer.

Ragnar Karl Gústafsson

Owner, Head Pizza Tester and Handy Work.